2019 – The original Zombie billboards were designed to be parodies of Mike Morse and the Bernstein Family of Law. The company that owns and rents the billboard space would not allow the original designs so they were revamped to what you see here.

The Ad company was concerned that Mr. Morse and the Bernsteins would be upset and it could impact how much money they currently spend on billboards. Requests to ask the law firms their opinion were not granted. Click the names above to see our original designs.

2018 – 2019 – Attorney billboards seem to be taking over and have been for several years, and in some cases have created billboard celebrities.

In the spirit of outlets such as Mad Magazine, it is our duty as servants of silliness and absurdity to have alternate versions. The Injured by Injury board was inspired by billboard queen Joumana Kayrouz, and the lesser known Carl Collins III


2018 – From the mind of Mariah Dallas, the SM News Team was born. Asking the tough questions, covering the important stories. Bringing you Yesterday’s News, Tomorrow! The SM News Team is Sunshine, Moonie, Bean, & JJ.

Check out SM News Team’s coverage of local events:

Detroit’s Cork Town St Paddy’s Day Parade 2018
Detroit’s Marche du Nain Rouge 2018

2018 – A social experiment, interactive art installation, absurdity, a waste of money…

Whatever your perspective, the “Questions?” billboard sparked curiosity, intrigue, confusion, creativity and countless texts to be sent allowing silliness, love, happiness, absurdity, answers, and in some cases good advice to be spread throughout the land.

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